Hanging out in Chicago all this week (Wednesday-Wednesday), first at a job interview thingy called The Placement Exchange. Kinda like speed dating, but for jobs..and much more competitive…and more tears.

Anyway, it’s been goin great and I even got a few second interviews so far. Life’s grand on all accounts. Sunday marks the beginning of the NASPA Annual Conference which is chalk full of all sorts of workshops an seminars about student affairs. Hmm…could be good…but I’m sure somewhere in there I’ll find time to check out the sights, sounds, and…smells (?) of Chi-Town.

I’m writing this on my iPhone, and well, it’s kinda rough. No free interwebs in the hotel. As much as I do love my iPhone…it’s no replacement laptop, that’s for sure. So yeah, i make this update short and sweet.

While I’m updating via BH.com intermittently…okay…zero-ly, I’m Tweeting and Twitpic-ing almost hourly all of my (and my cohort’s) Midwest adventures.

Feel free to follow them and check out some fun pics here: Twitter.com/Benmollie

Also, I brought my new D90 along and have been snapping pics left and right. I’ll be sure to post a longer, more involved recap post when I get back, complete with uber-artsy photo gallery and all.

Hope you’re all enjoying your March! Just know, I’m colder than you.


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