Wow, it’s literally been 13 days since I published my last blogpost. MY. BAD. Jeez, but really though, I’ve been stressed and busy and all that jazz. In fact, if you wish to see some of the labors of my toils, czech out It’s not 100% up yet, but for what’s there, it’s looking pretty solid.

Also, I’m taking a few more photos and here with my new D90, which you can view both here and here. Hopefully I’ll be posting a few of the new ones I’m liking soon…probably sometime in the next week or so. Anywho, here are a few of my latest favorites…ENJOY!

…I promise to post more often.

Working on taking a lot more photos these days and I’m liking more of ’em too…which I’m hoping means I’m getting better at the whole photography deal…either that or I’m just a lot more complacent than I used to be.

Eh. Cheers.

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