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Legal & Ethical Issues

1. Homestay Contracts

Within LA-Term, the students involved stay in homestays around the metro-LA area (usually two students per homestay). While our relationships with the families in the homestays are normally positive and beneficial for both sides (as they are reimbursed rent/food for the students), every once in awhile, a situation occurs where we need to remove a student from a homestay location. To ensure that we are within our legal right to do so (and therefore terminating our payment contract with that homestay family), we needed to include specific wording and language within the contract. During my year working for LA-Term, we encountered one of these situations where we had to withdraw several students from a homestay, even though we technically could not end our payment to the family. Later, I was a part of a team of staff members who helped re-write the current contract to avoid similar things happening in the future.

Here is a copy of the Homestay Contract.

2. In Loco Parentis Presentation

During our Legal and Ethical Issues course (CSA 543), our group decided to present on the idea of In Loco Parentis Within Social Media Networks. We researched many different articles and academic resources as well as conducted several interviews on campus. As part of our interview process, we recorded our interviews on Flip Video cameras and integrated several of the questions and answers into our presentation. Our group decided that while most student life professionals do not look for student violations through online networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.), they are responsible to address them if those infractions are brought to their attention.

The presentation can be viewed at:

3. Clubs & Organizations’ Contracts

While heading up Clubs & Organizations in Communiversity, it was my responsibility to make sure each of the club presidents and officers signed the Clubs and Organizations contract at the beginning of the school year. This contract enabled clubs to get certain amounts of funding, while also outlined their duties throughout each semester, such as attending club president meetings and the twice-a-year Clubs & Organizations fair. This was a great tool to help students understand what responsibilities they were committing to, especially in circumstances when they violated the contract. While termination of their club or organization contract was rare, breaches in contract always resulted in a discussion of the contract and responsibilities therein.

Attached is a copy of the Clubs & Orgs Contract and Guidelines.

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