Moral, Ethical & Spiritual Compass

Visionary Leadership

Quality Programming

Assessment & Evaluation

Counseling & Personal Development

Budgeting & Fiscal Management

Fostering Student Learning

Legal & Ethical Issues

Effective Campus & Community Relationships

Managing Conflict & Crisis

Multicultural Awareness, Knowledge, & Skills


Because the specific roles of student affairs practitioners will vary greatly across functions and institutional types, the graduate preparation program at Azusa Pacific University seeks to prepare student affairs educators who have a generalist perspective of the profession and who possess the basic competencies necessary to be successful in a wide range of circumstances.  Specifically, upon completion of the graduate program students should be able to demonstrate competence in these areas.

Here you’ll find these twelve areas of competence and descriptions of how I met the guidelines of each area as well. Personally, each of these competencies has been a challenge and inspiration to fulfill. While there are some areas I am much more adept in than others, I have a plan to improve in each area in my professional career, and am excited to continue to develop in each competency.

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