If you remember our last photographic journey, you’ll remember what a fun time we all had. Point being, we’re having another one! Yay! This time around we’re putting a musical spin on the whole thing though. That only real difference this time around is basically you can delve a bit deeper into each category.

For instance, category #10 is “Wavin’ Flag”, the new World Cup soundtrack hit (by K’Naan). While a simple photo of a flag waving above the courthouse or something would suffice, you could also capture any part of the song (for instance, futbol, Africa, sports, etc.), any aspect of how it makes you feel (empowered, awesome, Brent-like), or just about anything in between or related the song at all. You be the judge.

But yeah, here’s what we’re working with this month…

22 Tracks: A Musical Photographic Journey

1) California Love
2) Homecoming
3) Dark Blue
4) Vegas or Bust
5) Beautiful Disaster
6) Fight For Your Right
7) Dressed To Kill
8) Orange Sky
9) Bleed American
10) Wavin’ Flag
11) When The Levee Breaks
12) I Will Follow You Into The Dark
13) Black
14) Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
15) Blood & Wine
16) Dusk and Summer
17) Blister In The Sun
18) Country Road
19) Empire State of Mind
20) In Love With The 80s
21) The Boys of Summer
22) The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

First off, here’s a list of some of my favorite songs, and some of yours as well (I hope…I tried to diversify the genre’s and artists as much as possible!).

Second, you have from July 15-August 15 to match each category above with a photo you’ve taken in this time period. Took a photo last month that would’ve worked perfectly with one of these categories? Too bad. Keep shootin. You can do it!

Third, SNAP AWAY! Just get out there and take as many pictures as possible! One thing I learned from my writing days is that it takes a lot of bad creations to get one decent one. Take a lot of pictures. Don’t be afraid of taking bad ones. In fact, learn to love the bad ones! Think of each photograph as another step, another pivotal milestone in you own personal photographical education. And have some fun too!

So yeah, by August 15th I’ll post all my photos on here and if you want I can link you your blog (or wherever your gallery is) from here as well.

Remember, this shouldn’t add to the daily stress of life, but in fact help ease and reduce it. Feel free to take a rain check this time around too, I’m sure we’ll be doing this again in no time. Good luck everybody!!!

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