First off…it’s been awhile. My bad. Just started my second week of training at my new job as a hall director at University of Portland…

Secondly, I just moved to Portland this week and have already fallen in love with this city. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for it to hit me, but I don’t miss L.A. at all yet. I miss my friends there and a bunch of the societal and cultural things I got used to in L.A.–restaurants, neighborhoods, freeways–but I don’t really miss the whole package yet. But it’s not all about me, I realized today that this is a crazy week/month in the lives of many other people in my life as well.

A lot of people are moving, taking new jobs, or just undergoing huge changes otherwise (engagements, new jobs, marriages, education, etc.). Let’s see…Jason just started a post-doc at University of Kentucky, Tyler just got back from a few months on a medical mission trip in Haiti and is starting med school with Katie at Oregon Health and Science University in August, Sean just got a new apartment for him and Laura in Pasadena and loves his new amazing job, Dr. Craig just left Gordon In Boston and began working at a gigantic church in Colorado, LeBron just took a new job in South Beach, and Duke just started a new dry-cat-food diet (good luck little guy!).

I know, a lotta big changes. Biggest one of all tho…I’ll be updating my website much more often…
Lots more, soon to come!

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