Alrighty, I stole this idea from some random photography website and I think it looks like a swell idea. Everyone’s invited! Here’s how it breaks down…

Firstly, the point is to compile a list of significantly “good” things or topics in which to photograph. Preferably, each of these things is: 1) interesting, 2) inspirational, 3) some type of double entendre, and/or 4) possibly hilarious.

Secondly, we set a time limit (usually done within about a month), in which all photographs must be taken–no recycling old favorites even if they fit with a topic perfectly. Honor system, people. New photos only.

Thirdly, SNAP AWAY! Just get out there and take as many pictures as possible! One thing I learned from my writing days is that it takes a lot of bad creations to get one decent one. Take a lot of pictures. Don’t be afraid of taking bad ones. In fact, learn to love the bad ones! Think of each photograph as another step, another pivotal milestone in you own personal photographical education. And have some fun too!

By the end, everyone should have one photograph (however edited you wish) per word/phrase.

Total: 23 things. 23 photos.

Anyway, this on begins today! (Yesterday!) — March 15th and ends one month later on tax day, April 15th.

And when the month’s up we’ll post all the photographs on each others’ blogs and websites (my blog, Dom’s blog, Sean’s possibly) and link to each other and have a group hug and maybe a pint or two as well.

Remember, this shouldn’t add to the daily stress of life, but in fact help ease and reduce it. Feel free to take a rain check this time around, I’m sure we’ll be doing this again in no time.

Here we go…

23 Things: A Photographic Journey…

1) Book Learning
2) Out of Focus
3) Urban Life
4) God Bless America
5) Mirrored
6) Buck Naked
7) Formal Affair
8) Down Trodden
9) Sleepless in S

(fill in the blank)
10) Happiest Place on Earth
11) Good Afternoon, Good Evening, & Goodnight
12) Colorblind
13) Be the Change…
14) Capitalism
15) Planet Earth
16) Independent
17) It’s a Small World After All
18) Overdone
19) Study Abroad
20) Simplicity
21) Alma Mater
22) Number 9
23) Perfection

Be safe out there…

4 thoughts on “23 Things: A Photographic Journey…

  1. Ben Helms says:

    It WILL be fun! I’m super stoked. Already taken over hundred pics…time to edit, narrow, delete and…well, KEEP SHOOTING!

    Glad to hear you’re in, CoR. Should be superfreakingawesomefuntimes.

    Feel free to tell other people about it too. The more the merrier!

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