I turned 24 a few months ago so I thought I’d try to somehow capture the vast amount of knowledge I have acquired over the years. So here it is, twenty-four things I’ve learned in 24 years:

1. Be yourself. Always. Also, whenever possible, be proud of who you are (because you’re kinda stuck with you).

2. Do what you love, as often as you can.

3. Never take yourself too seriously. Laugh at yourself as often as possible. (Combo lesson!)

4. Never root for the Dodgers or Yankees. Period.

5. For the most part, being mad at someone doesn’t change things. Save your breath and precious time and just be happy. (Or at least try to be…as much as possible.)

6. Wear pajamas more often. (Who you trying to impress anyway?)

7. Try to have a global perspective. (Scratch Fox News. Scratch MSNBC. BBC/CNN are okay…but take it all with a grain of salt.)

8. Take care of those who cared for you. (Also, try to take care of those who didn’t.)

9. Being in a relationship is great and all, but especially while you’re young, it can tend to Pensive Soldierpause your own maturation and development. Not really a lesson here, just watch out for that I guess.

10. Sports: Football is the most fun. Basketball is the most entertaining. Baseball is perfection.

11. Formal education is a bit overrated. That said, go to college if at all possible. Otherwise, get to a library (i.e. Will Hunting).

12. When you know you’re wrong, try your best to admit it as soon as possible.

13. Take up a hobby. Something you like doing by yourself that’s not school or work-related. This should be something you actually enjoy. A lot. Think…procrastination tactics. There ya go. That thing. Do it often. Now do it more. Do it till you’re the best at it. When someone tells you they want to pay you to do it. Don’t let them. Keep enjoying it.

14. In a bro-fight, never ask a guy why he’s getting so “butt-hurt” over something. This will neither help your case nor mend any broken fences.

15. Music: Open your mind and try to love as much of it as possible. You will end up having a crush on somebody who loves the type of music you hate. Love it all.

16. Smoking, Drinking & Video Games are only bad in copious quantities. (Murder however, is almost always frowned upon.)

17. Name things you love. Not list. Name ‘em. Your car (Stacey). Your computer (Sir Charles). Your pipe (Edgar). Name ‘em. It makes life a bit more fun.

18.That being said, try not to get too attached to those things… they will fail you.Walk a Mile In Someone Elses Shoes...

19. Photography is everyone’s hobby. And everyone else is already good at it. No need to be better than them, just enjoy it (or buy a big-ass camera and actually be good at it).

20. Fashion: Just don’t already.

21. The sooner you replace the batteries in the remote, the better.

22. If you want to get somewhere in life, either be great at something, or know Noel Le, Frank Romero-Crockett or Ryan Seacrest.

23. Wacky/Crazy/Amazing sports countdown shows are ALWAYS worth watching.

24. Despite these stupid/awesome/eh/tubular/incandescent rules, don’t judge others for their passions, likes, dislikes and beliefs.

Cmon Kiddos...

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