montana_throwingNiner Nation

A sonnet in three parts.
[read about iambic pentameter here or here]

For all the trust and all the love I’ve shown
To all who’ve loved and lost who know my tone
For all the weeks and all the years of pride
I’ve sat alone, depressed at home and cried
To all my friends and fellow fans who dream
To once again be at the top and think
That being from the Bay makes you a boss
And each team that we face delivered loss
Alas, denied by truth of records kept
We’ve seen the last decade and simply wept
This ain’t my team of wins in red and goldSUPER BOWL/C/31JAN95/SP/FREE;AC
I wish to see my Steve, Jerry and Joe

I know these times are tough and wins are few
But I know in my heart we’ll make it through
That even though this sucks, we’ll be alright
We’ll win the day and even win the night
Through Favre and White and green and gold we’ve won
And in the end, we’ll leave the Pack undone
Through Aik’s and pains, Staubach’s and Smith’s we’ve fought
We’ll finish strong and quite victorious
It won’t be long till we can hold our heads
Up high atop, above all other dreads
We’ll laugh and dance, oh we’ll have quite the party
When we raise up quite high, one more Lombardi

So in this time when wins are always random
Remain steadfast and hold the lines of fandom
We must stand strong and rep the red and gold
For ‘tis the time of now stories are told3117591178_20ee87faa6_m
Of Gore and Smith, of P-Wills and VD
As we pray and hope for greatest in Crabtree
And years from now when this will all have passed
Long after we’ve seen sequels to The Catch
We’ll stop and think of Walsh and Samurai
As tears begin to well up in our eyes
We’ll thank the Lord for gifts of pig and skin
And for the Forty-Niners, close as kin
We’ll be thankful even through all this patience
That we were born and raised in Niner Nation



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