Hey fellow blog-readers. It’s been a difficult technologically-based few days here in vacation land (see picture). I woke up a few days ago to finish my most recent blog post and well…Sir Charles (my well-endowed, yet consistently underachieving MacBookPro) was completely unresponsive. After some mouth-to-mouth and a few keyboard compressions I finally gave up. Sir Charles was in a computercoma. ::onesingletear::

Needless to say, he needed help. Fast.

So I took him into the local super duper mall, The (epic) Mall at Southpoint and found the closest Apple Store. After recounting most of my life story and convincing the Mac “genius” that Sir Charles is (/was…possibly…) the bestest best computer a boy could ever dream to ownhavepartner with…be associated with, he agreed to help me try and bring new life to my old friend.

Ten minutes later, Sir Charles was in a shipping truck on his way to Houston to see some of the best Mac specialists in the whole world…for FREE!!! I know, go Apple.

You win…this time.

Dear Steven Jobs, Thanks for making repairing Macintosh computers to easy, convenient and cost-effective for the consumer. It’s one of the few things that’s actually CHEAPER than owning a PC. Well played, sir.

Anywho, I just wanted to say that without the help of my dear compadre, Sir Charles, to aid me in my compositioning (don’t look it up), I will probably not be writing any blog posts this week. Sorry all…both readers.

So, in an attempt to never be proven wrong, make sure you disavow any and all knowledge or recollection of this post and please try to forget or at least regret any smiles and/or laughter it may have brought you. Much abliged, Benito.
Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas!

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