It’s been awhile. No apologies this time. (Sorry!…wait a minute…)

I’m back and better than ever. Just like…all those music artists…who say that…whenever they come out with new singles. Anyway, since we last left our hero (me…b/c it’s my blog), he was sitting alone at home watching YouTube videos in his boxers, eating cereal for four square meals a day, pining for his beautiful bride who was off at her job, all the while working on one of his many novels…(ha).

Yes, a lot has changed. I still pine for that same woman, but I’m much less pathetic when I do it now, from behind a desk, in an office (not located in my house), where they pay me to work. Oh, and also, SHE’S PREGNANT!!!! I know. Crazy, right? A job, a kid, we just got a new car and what else…? Oh yeah, WE JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE. Wow. Again, crazy, right?

All these events of luck and good fortune have got me thinking recently just how different and innumerably better life is for Hannah and me in 2013, compared to 2012.

Oh really, Ben? just how much better is it now?

Well if deus-ex-machine-text would shut up for one second, I could tell you. Jeez.

Let’s have a look, shall we?


2012: Moved there, terrified and lost. Only people we knew or hung out with were my wife’s parents. We love them, but we still felt pretty lonely most days.

2013: While sometimes terrifying, Siskiyou County is much less so now. We got hooked up to a church where we’ve met many of our now plethora of friends (plethora = 12+…so we’re getting there). Getting more on board with the idea of living here long term, which is not something I would have said in 2012.


2012: Worked at a brewery near Mt. Shasta as an assistant brewer for a few months, but was laid off going into winter. That was a long winter.

2013: Got a job in April as an academic advisor at the local community college and it’s a much healthier, more positive place to work where I’m surrounded by great people all day long and I can take pride in my work. Wow. A little different than the brewery.


2012: Started 2012 living in a college dorm in Portland, then moved into my wife’s parents’ house in Mt. Shasta, then ended 2012 renting a 945 square foot palatial estate in Dunsmuir, California. (Not really all that palatial.)

2013: We just bought a house. No. Really. It’s almost 3,000 sq feet with a full, finished basement, four bedrooms, and (now) a dedicated home movie theater room. It’s truly a dream come true. (Yes, Madden looks amazing on a 100-inch 1080p screen.)


2012: Hannah and I tried having a kid, but to no avail after much heartbreak and depression.

2013: Got pregnant without even trying and couldn’t be happier with our little girl on the way! (Due: January 17th)


2012: Started 2012 with a ten-year old Jetta. Added onto it by buying Hannah’s brother’s (even older) Tacoma. But hey, we needed at least one car with 4-wheel-drive to deal with all of the snow in the winters in Siskiyou County.

2013: With the Jetta not fairing very well throughout the winter, we were able to purchase a 2007 (only 6 years old!?) BMW X3, which all-wheel-drive (thanks to the help of my dad!). So, the car situation in the Helms household is a mind-blowingly different situation than it was 18 months ago.


2012: Saw a couple bears. That was kinda cool.

2013: We are the masters of a mouthy, fat, boxy, annoying, little tabby cat named Maurice. We own him. He’s ours. (But mainly we cater to his every waking desire.)


2012: Love it. Drink it. Share it was Hannah whenever.

2013: Love it. Don’t drink it nearly as much. Hannah won’t help me out with it anymore. (Okay, so life isn’t nearly as good in this area as the others…)


I’m sure there’s more to this than just those 7 items listed above, but it’s still a huge difference just counting those things alone.

Oh yeah, and we bought our first family Bible last week too! Even got “The Helms Family” inscribed on it! That’s been a goal of ours for a long time now. Speaking of which, we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary. So that’s flippin’ amazing too! Fastest two years or my life, and I have no doubt they’re only gonna get faster.

Doing my best to enjoy every speeding second of each day.

4 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful-er

  1. Cayla says:

    “I still pine for the same woman, but I’m much less pathetic when I do it now, from behind a desk, in an office…”

    Love. You two are wonderful. So thrilled for this season of bounty and blessing you both are reveling in right now. God is good.

  2. Ben Helms says:

    Thanks man! Means a lot. Yes, I’m planning on writing, or at least posting something on a weekly basis. I’ll probably take a break in the summers, or for a few weeks here and there, but I’ll try to do a better job of keeping you updated on those breaks ahead of time. Been writing a lot recently and have plenty to post!

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