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Fostering Student Learning

1. Differently-abled Programming

During our course, Student Learning in the Co-Curriculum (CSA 571), we were required to develop an assortment of different programs all designed to foster student learning on a variety of levels. One of the programs I designed called “Differently-Abled: What is a Disability?” incorporated many different workshops and activities within a designated area in order to spread awareness and knowledge about different disabilities. Students who attended the program would have an increased knowledge about the different types of disabilities, as well as create a culture of empathic awareness of disabled students on their campus. This type of education would reinforce the need for the campus to adequately meet the needs of students with disabilities, helping them achieve their academic and personal goals (Henning, 2007).

Here is the Outline and Description of the program.

2. Clubs & Orgs Fair

While working in Communiversity, we decided to organize a Clubs & Orgs fair on campus (on the affectionately-known campus center: Cougar Walk), in order to advertise the different clubs on campus. At the beginning of each semester we contacted each club and made tables and other resources available to each of them to help them promote their cause, interest, or group more effectively. It took place in the middle of the day on a weekday to assure a strong student presence and invited the club representatives to play music or videos to advertise their organizations. Each semester, almost all of our clubs attended, and many said that this helped them recruit the majority of their members.

3. Grief Workshop

During the 2010 Christian College Leadership Conference, in Riverside, CA, I presented a workshop with other members of my CCSD cohort to undergraduate student leaders from eleven different Christian colleges around Southern California. Our workshop, entitled “Good Grief,” presented the possible symptoms of grief, how grief affects different people, and tangible steps student leaders can take to help other grieving students. We also facilitated an activity centered on a case study that was designed to give students a better understanding of how to start tough conversations regarding grief, as well as how to get help to those who are in need of it.

Here is the Handout we used during our presentation.

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