It’s Spring Break here at the University of Portland and things are pretty stinkin’ quiet. I hope and pray that this week is as stress-less and productive for all of you as it has been for me. Also, it’s March Madness time!!! The happiest time of the year. God bless us, everyone!

So awhile back I wrote about a new hobby of mine: brewing beer. Yup. I’m officially a homebrewer. I started brewing in October and well, I’m on my 6th batch this week…

For awhile I’ve been meaning to post some of the label designs we’ve come up with, so here are the first 6 beers that we’ve actually finished, and designed (and for the most part, drank)…

Fresh Cab Porter

McBaggins Stout


Coco Brunutte Porter

Tortured Brown Ale

Clever Girl Bourbon Stout

And that’s it…for now. I’ll post some more in a few months. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful week!


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