Okay, a lot like last time, StumbleUpon has given me, Sean, Brent, Meaghan and Jason all some pretty great sites over the last few weeks.

Here are the highlights…

Iron BabyProbably the best YouTube video of 2010…amazing.

Free PovertyEver wanted to get clean water to those who didn’t have any, but just don’t know how? Like playing fun geography games online? Well double the fun and philanthropy with this delightful, good-hearted website.

World Cup 2010 Nike CommercialDirected by the amazing and always thought-provoking Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel & 21 Grams), this new 3-minute Nike commercial will blow your mind.

iPad VelcroOkay, if you’re like me, this whole iPad thing looks pretty cool, and well, IS pretty cool. But even though it is rather shiny, it doesn’t really do much. That being said, combined with one of the greatest inventions of all time (velcro…not mashed potatoes), it does become a lot more useful.

Zombie Apocalypse Ever worry about zombies taking over the earth? Or maybe you just want to know how something like that could happen…Either way, this site’s for you…

32 Teams, 1 DreamWell, if you’re not excited about the upcoming 2010 World Cup, watch a few of these countries’ stories and you definitely will be.

Hurley “Dude” CompilationWatched Lost? Didn’t watch Lost? Either way, you’ll enjoy this Hurley compilation…

Cool Beach ArtYup. That’s what it is.

This is SportscenterAwesome 30 second commercial for NBA and NFL rookies from 1997.

Red Dead GlitchesRecently I bought a game. And more recently, I found out it could be much more awesome if it were broken…

Just Like a Waving FlagOne of the best, nonono, THE best World Cup video I’ve seen.

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