A great friend of mine, Dominic Laing, called me a few months ago and wanted me to work on the audio mix for a few videos for a new project he was working on for Radiation Detection Company.

After a few days of filming b-roll, conducting interviews, and flying drones all over Texas, he sent me the final cut of the first project and I dove in head first.

Getting the levels right between the score and the interviews didn’t take long, but the main two audio challenges on this project were that there was some reverb in a few of the interviews, as well as some of those fun, low rumbles in the background. Only, the problems with bad things going on in the “background” of audio files, is that they cover everything. You can’t just rotoscope them out, like you could with a photo, or with video. They color everything.

So that took some work, but between the boom and the lav mic, and some generous EQ-ing, we finally found a mix we liked.

Check out a few of the videos below…

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