So I still think of myself as a rookie to this whole photography thing, but I’ve taken more than 10,000 in the past three months. That said, I take a lot of photos. Point being, I love photography. From composition and lighting to editing and printing, it’s becoming and much bigger part of my life everyday it seems. Take a look around a few of these photo albums and hopefully you’ll see that some of that time has paid off. And while I might not be Ansel Adams yet, I think a few of these photos look pretty nice. Lemme know what you think too. Thanks for visiting!

scenery (photography title)

photoshop (photography title)


vietnam (photography title)

Backpacking 2009

[you can navigate through photos with your keyboard arrow keys]

[I know that most of the photos are rather small, so if you would like a copy of a larger version of any of these photos, just email me:]

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