Okay…now, I’m not a giant New Orleans Saints fan or anything, but I can appreciate some good story with some great symbolism. And on top of that, having family and friends from New Orleans has definitely helped me empathize with the city the last few years. Either way, it was an amazing game, in which sealed the deal of an amazing underdog story. Just wait 5-10  years and I’m sure there’ll be some sort of Remember the Titans/Miracle-type inspired story behind this year in New Orleans. God bless ’em.

And maybe it’s because I’m primarily a Bay Area sports fan (Giants, 49ers, A’s, Warriors, etc…), but I can’t remember the last time I rejoiced so jubilantly as when this happened last night:

Mardis Gras definitely came a week early in 2010….I just hope there weren’t too many overturned cop cars or burnt buildings on Bourbon Street last night…Who Dat!?

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