Hey, if you’re interested, here are a few things I like…

A few great blogs I read regularly:

Cold Weather – Hannah Jane Reed’s great blog about everyday life in Portland, OR.

The Best You Are Capable of Becoming -Some great, intriguing and profound writing by my friend, Brent Peterson.

Dominic Laing – One of the most well-written, insightful and beautiful blogs I’ve read in awhile. Tears and laughter.

Ratting Around the Brainpan – Chuck Strawn, master of collegiate education and student life: “Thoughts on faith, culture, higher education, and whatever else my ADD happens to fixate on.”

The Corrigan – CoRri Edmondson’s personal blogs about life, love and well…living in Orange County and stuff.

Blogology – A fun blog about life, love, writing an amazing book and being 28…ish…

Golden State of Mind – The best Warriors blog in blogtown. Painfully honest and all too repetitive…just like the Dubs.

Niners Nation – The all around best San Francisco 49ers blog out there. Well done, boys and girls.

Michael Ian Black – Cuz the guy’s kinda freakin hilarious.

Other stuff:

Tag That Photo – The best web-designer I know who’s also the best photographer I know. (I hate him…and I love him.)

My big bro’s website – You know, if you’re at all interested in Rhetorics, Communication, and/or Information Design

Red Fence Magazine – A great site featuring reviews, thoughts, and original writings about any and all types of media: “RedFence is the natural artistic outpouring of a Los Angeles-based community of artists, adventurers and thinkers.”

Achewood – A great, hard-hitting, poignant, idiosyncratic online comic.

Conan O’Brien – CoCo, Conando, Conan the Hostarian. Whatever you want to call him, he’s flippin’ hilarious.



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