…not a psychopath, a sociopath.

I don’t want to be manipulative, just less encumbered by my empathetic ways.

Okay, fine, I don’t really want to be one, and if you ask my wife (or family…or friends…or corkers…), she might tell you that I’m dangerously close to already being one, but hey, sociopaths have all the fun.

No crying during that scene in Forrest Gump when Forrest is talking to Jenny’s tombstone about Little Forrest doing well in school.

No feeling guilted into giving a 20% tip at a restaurant when you’re paying just b/c one of the friends you’re with “always gives at least 20%”.

Never getting angry in conversations and being able to present arguments clearly and rationally.

No being embarrassed…EVER.

I know, I know, I would probably have a much worse life if I were truly a sociopath, and I probably wouldn’t be married, and I wouldn’t be in student affairs, that’s for sure, and after reading this article, it does seem pretty bad.

So maybe I won’t be a sociopath.

{All of these motivational thoughts were inspired by an article sent to me by the lovely Mrs. Hannah Helms btw.}

Please no angry, concerned, honest comments as to why I would ever really want to be a sociopath.

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