Okay, so the title’s a stretch. Gimme a break. Anywho, I got back home to Los Angeles from Boston last weekend and well…Even with all the snowy craziness, it was a wonderful Christmas break. Here’re a few of the highlights:

It all started when I first got to Beantown and spent just about every waking moment with my sister-from-another-mister, Emily Tiller. Her family has treated me like one of their own for years now and being able to spend the holidays at their place, with their friends, in Sharon, Mass was definitely a huge blessing. Anywho, enough of the mushy stuff, we had a great New Year’s Eve. Games, Patriots, and custom T-shirts!

One of the coolest sporting events things I’ve ever been able to attend happened on January 2nd of the new year. Fenway Park. Snow storm. Ice hockey. Celebrity/All-Star Bruins game. Fenway…again. Not to mention Kiefer Sutherland, Tim Robbins, & Denis Leary! Good stuff indeed. So besides only being able to be outside for about half of the game–due to intensely iced face, hands, etc.–it was actually rather enjoyable. Got to walk around and see some of the players up close and personal. Glad I took pictures cuz the cold wiped away most of my memory of the event.

Before the game however, Em and I were able to go to the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plan. Definitley worth the price of admission…$0. After the tour they took us into the tasting room and taught us how to appraise their lovely beers. I know…appraise…get over it. Anywho, we got to try the original, their Boston-bars-only beer “Boston Brick Red” and then one they’re currently working on still called “New World Lager.” Definitely a good time out there. Well done, Elamy.

Besides those lovely outings and innings(…?), I had a great time just chillin with the Tiller peeps and friends. (Yes, even you, Mary.)

OH yeah! We even designed NEXT year’s Christmas Card! So stoked. Get psyched, people. Get psyched.
And Happy New Year too!

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