Okay, so here’re a few photos I’ve taken from my iPhone the last few months. I decided to upload them straight from my phone, instead of downloading them to my Mac and then uploading them, to avoid even being tempted to edit them. So yeah, here are a few decent pics from my phone, completely unedited.

Beware there’s scenery, a few sporting events, some yummy food and even a few screenshots. Hope you enjoy ’em!

Brent, getting kinda intense at Arroyo Seco Par-3 Golf Course in Pasadena, CA

Yep. Clouds.

La Tepeyac restaurant in East L.A. Biggest burrito I’ve ever attempted (as seen on “Man vs. Food”)

Clouds on a plane….on the way to Portland for my on campus interviews


Yup. That’s where I live now. Weird.

Gorgeous clouds…on my way to…or back (?) from Portland


The beautiful tropical weather experienced by Tyler in Haiti

View from the Griffith Observatory while Jason and Meaghan visited in May

Our campsite when we stayed in/near Los Osos, CA on the way from SoCal to the Bay (we promptly threw the tent away the next morning)

View of the Pacific from Pacifica. Fitting.

“The Longest Tunnel in the World!” -the Helms family (Sausalito, CA)

Conan’s “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV Tour”

Gorgeous view from the arcade seats at a Giants game in May

…no idea. But it sure is pretty, right? Marin? Probably…?

Little Wood child (Ethan, I believe) rocking out on the electric drums


My last view of APU, my place of education, housing and employment the last six years of my life

Quite the sunset on one of my flights this summer (to/from North Carolina maybe)

Cameron Indoor Stadium

Inside Cameron, visiting my little bro at his Coach K Camp scrimmage

Just a few of the dozens and dozens of banners in the rafters in Cameron

All Panda’d out at the Giants game in July

Mt. Shasta on my big move to Oregon…

And again, a few hours later.

I stopped in South Medford to check out the hallowed halls of SMHS–where Kyle Singler impressed the scouts

Our feast at Fatty Patty’s in Vancouver, WA. Yeah. Fatty. Patty’s. Delish.

My amazing (!!!) apartment in Portland. God blessed me MUCHO with this fully furnished domain.

Yeah…apparently Fatty Patty’s was a bit too much for these tires. Oops.

My first experience at Stumptown was a great success.


That’s Simon. That cat.

Cool window and some beds in the attic of the beach house we stayed in for the Fourth of July in Lincoln City, OR

Parade!! (yeah)

Learning stuff at Hall Director training at the University of Portland. Hooray for learning!

Sweet looking sunrise after taking Tyler to the airport

My backyard (ain’t too shabby)

My lovely little apartment, post-unpackingd

4 thoughts on “Cellular Photograpical Scenery

  1. Mandy says:

    Wow Ben.
    That is one. big. burrito.
    That breakfast looked to die for.
    Your apartment is too freakin cool.
    Do you get money to go to conferences? If so, which one are you going to next year? Maybe we can get some b’fast and coffee if we are both in the same place!!! (And work will pay for it!)

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