Heyo! Thanks for checking out the new site! I started this site 6 years ago and it’s been a great outlet for me to write, post photos, and share some of my favorite things with friends and family–and whoever that random person in the Phillipines who reads my blog is. Thanks!

So while nothing was really wrong with the old site, it looked pretty outdated it really needed to be updated. I figured since I’ve been working as a graphic designer and front-end developer for the past 2 years, it’s time I actually applied those skills to my own personal site. So I finally did. Plus, we live in an entirely new world than we did 6 years ago (see: banner at top), so it was time for something new.

The site is still pretty bare, but it’s functional and the main pages are up and running, so I figured it’s time to debut the site.

Okay, thanks for reading through that. Here’s a quick tour of the big changes of the site:

Brand New Landing Page

Now when you go to benhelms.com, you’ll see a beautiful banner with a few navigation options. This image will be changing, whether it’s a random image or a slider, I’m not quite sure yet. Until then, I’ll be changing it every few days.

More Design Oriented

While my site has primarily been a blog-focused destination, I also wanted to create a place where I could collect and display my designs in one place. This will also be ever-changing, as I continue to design and build websites every single day.

Blog Page

This time around I will be posting much more often–at least one post a week, and much more most weeks. And this new blog page is much better to organize and has easier-to-read snippets of each blog, so looking through the past 12 blogs or so is much easier now. Plus there are lovely background images on each post now. So that’s neat.


While this is probably the tertiary aspect of my site, it’s still a huge part of who I am and what I love. I’m also planning on revamping these pages in the coming weeks and updating it with new photos, as well as retiring some of the older sections.

If you do see any bugs or issues, or just want to give me your feedback, feel free to leave a comment below, or email me. Hopefully the site’s working as good for you as it is for me though. And also keep in mind that the site isn’t 100% finished, as I’ll be continuing to update a few things here and there.

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