Okay peeps, this is it. THREE MORE DAYS!!! AGH!!! I know, crazy.

Okay, let’s see…since we started our journey, Duke won the national championship, Don Nelson became the winningest coach in NBA history, Tyler left for Haiti and we all miss him more and more each day, and the Bay Area baseball teams are a combined 10-3 in the first full week of the season. Oh yeah, and SEAN THOMPSON AND LAURA MARKS GOT ENGAGED!?!? Whaaaaa?!

I know. Life is good.

So too, I hope, are all your photos!

Hopefully this serves as an annoying reminder to a project that you’re completely on top of and have already printed out, laminated and/or framed all of your 23 Things and have a gallery showing in Old Town Pasadena on Thursday night.

Or, it’s serves as some sort of alarming, chaotic reminder to take 22 more pictures in the next couple of days and hope and pray they fit into categories like “Independent” and “Study Abroad.” Good luck with that.

So come Thursday night, try to either post the pics (labeled accurately, of course) either on your blog, on another person’s blog, on Flickr, Photobucket, or at the very least (and I do mean, “least”, considering how bad the photo resolution is) on Facebook.

Good luck in the next 72 hours! Can’t wait to see what you all came up with!


Music of the Day: The Best of De La Soul (album) – Seriously, check it out.

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