Okay…so maybe I underestimated the overwhelming nature that is Residence Life in the month of August. Nonetheless, I didn’t quite succeed as much as I had hoped on the whole “22 Tracks” thing I posted awhile back.

All apologies, and even though it’s not a complete list, I hope you enjoy the following photographs…at least I enjoyed shooting ’em…

22 Tracks: A Musical Photographic Journey

2) Homecoming

3) Dark Blue

4) Vegas or Bust

5) Beautiful Disaster

6) Fight For Your Right

7) Dressed To Kill

9) Bleed American

11) When The Levee Breaks

12) I Will Follow You Into The Dark

13) Black

14) Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

15) Blood & Wine

16) Dusk and Summer

17) Blister In The Sun

18) Country Road

19) Empire State of Mind

20) In Love With The 80s

21) The Boys of Summer

So there ya have it. We’re currently working on a 10-12 photo Photographic Journey due to hit blogs around mid-October. More on that to come soon…

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