Oh, I just had the loveliest of weekends! We had cocoa and sugarplumbs and even mint m&m’s! ‘Twas the warmest and best night of my…::cough::cough::

Okay…done with all that “It’s a Wonderful Life” kinda talk…whew. Anwyho, it really was a grand…I mean, great weekend! And I don’t even mean with sports, in fact, all eight teams I was rooting for lost in their sporting events, so it really must have been a good weekend to have overcome that (Clemson, Duke, Cal, Warriors, 49ers; bball and football).

It all started with having Friday “off”. I was able to get a lotta homework and other website things done ahead of time. Always a plus. Then that night, Samantha took me to the opening night of the LA Auto Show downtown (pics will be up soon…). It was flippin amazing! I’m not a big car guy or anything, but c’mon, seeing all those shiny, new, expensive concept cars and futuristic automobiles was a bit exciting.
Then, Friday night I joined up with my Pasadena pals and we commenced the first annual Christmativities!!! It was glorious…for the next 30 hours, I did nothing but watch Christmas movies, make cookies, construct gingerbread houses, eat pizza, drink soda, watch a few episodes of Planet Earth (on blue-ray!) and well…play some hot potato and Scattergories in Crestview with Margie, Erica and Laura. It was amazing. Great people, great activities, great times…and CHRISTMAS!!! So  yeah, solid event, Ty and Sean. Well played, sirs.

Then Sunday, even though the 49ers lost, Molly and I spent the whole day just chillin, cuddling up in our giants blankets on the couch and watching a few exciting football games. It was fantastically relaxing. Now, however, it’s time to finish up a bit of homework and then get some sleep before the stressiest week of the year begins. Hooray for this past weekend!

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