I’m a podcast fanatic, host, and producer. I work as an audio engineer for film and commercial projects primarily, as well as a work as a web designer. (See my design page for more details if desired)

In my free time I can usually be found obsessing over my hometown Bay Area sports teams (and apologizing for Draymond) or tweaking the starting lineups of my fantasy teams. When not doing that, I find myself enjoying writing, photography, and producing a few more podcasts. Plus, a lot of binge-watching Game of Thrones and guilt-watching Castle with my wife.


Anyway, I see that you you’re currently trying to hire a Podcast Producer at The Ringer. Well you’re in luck, because

That’s something I’m pretty good at.

Over the past several years, I’ve worked as a podcast producer on several different shows. I write and record all of the music, edit and mix each of them entirely, and produce and publish them as well. The two most prominent are these:

A podcast focused on bringing back some of the spotlight from Bristol, and shining it on Left Coast sports. We cover everything from San Diego to Seattle, and every sport from MLS to Jai Alai (that’s not true…but we do cover a lot of stuff), with the ultimate goal being to equalize some of those East Coast biases.

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Exploring those old point-and-click adventure games of the early ’90s, hosting brothers Ben & Jason Helms play a different classic game each month and present how the game was made, talk about the highlights, and tell you as much as you could ever want to learn about these nostalgic games. 

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For the past several years, I’ve worked as a audio mixer and composer for film. These projects have ranged from commercials and private interview-based documentaries, to big events such as weddings and graduations. I work primarily in Logic Pro, but learned the trade initially in ProTools and am comfortable working in either program. 

I’ve also worked as a freelance designer for web, print, mobile devices, and dipped my toes into as many different mediums as possible along the way. Please see my resume and portfolio for a complete list of employers and projects (attached in email as well).

I’m a creative person by nature (and trade), but I’m also very organized and strategic in how I work, especially when collaborating with others.