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about the site...

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you enjoy your stay and are able to find your way around without any problems.

I created this site as a project, but it turned into a different few things. First off, it is a blog; simply a place where I can write some of my scattered, random thoughts, and occasionally rant a little bit, about how the man is keeping you (and me) down.

Secondly, it has become a place where I have posted some photography, so feel free to check some of that out as well. And lastly, This site will be used as part of a a few different projects for my masters degree. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns during your stay: (

about me...

A little about me, let’s see...Well, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, then moved to Los Angeles for college and about halfway through that I moved out to Boston. After falling in love with New England (go Pats/Sox!), I made my way back to SoCal and got two degrees from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, CA (a BA in English-Writing & an MS in College Counseling and Student Development). Then I moved up to Oregon and woked as a Hall Director at the University of Portland in Oregon. From there, I moved down to Mt. Shasta, California. Man, I love this place. Mountains, sun, snow, and family. What more could a man ask for?

Besides all that, I love writing, backpacking, photography, homebrewing, music (recording, composing and listening), playing/watching sports, and exploring new lands.

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God Knows What He’s Doing…Right?

I feel like we’ve been in limbo–my wife and I–for the past 4-6 months. Holy crap, it’s August? Okay, since January. Wow. It’s been a year of transitions. Come to think of it, it’s been over two years of seemingly constant and significant transitions. – May 2010: Graduate from APU with my M.S. – July […]

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Dreams and Aspirations

I’m a passionate guy. When I enjoy something, I try to enjoy it to the fullest. And that goes for just about everything in my life. As a kid, more than anything else, I wanted to play in the NBA. Seriously. I used to play 6+ hours a day in the summer, working on techniques […]

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Why Photographers Suck

Warning: Stereotypes will be propagated in this post. We had a lot of problems with our wedding photographer. A lot of problems. And the more I talk to others trying to get their wedding logistics in place, it seems like we’re not alone. Whether it’s taking forever getting prints back, showing up late to shoots–or […]

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New Photos Here and There

Just a heads up to anyone that might care: I updated my photography pages this week. I uploaded a bunch of new photos, deleted a bunch of old ones and organized them a little better. I also uploaded just about all of our wedding photos that we got back this week. Our photographer did a […]

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Till Death Do Us Part

When a man loves a woman, he asks her for her hand in marriage and then (pending her approval) they spend the rest of their lives in Christian fidelity, each and every day loving each other more and more until they finally die happily in each other’s warm embrace some 50 years down the line. […]

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Going to the Olde School and…Gunna Get Maaa-aaa-aaa-rried…

As a few of you know…okay, as all….okay fine… As both of you know, I’m getting married this Fall. We’re still working on our Save the Dates and Invites and all that, but we just finished our website. Check it out @   Related Posts:It Still Brings A Smile To My FaceTill Death Do […]

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