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about the site...

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you enjoy your stay and are able to find your way around without any problems.

I created this site as a project, but it turned into a different few things. First off, it is a blog; simply a place where I can write some of my scattered, random thoughts, and occasionally rant a little bit, about how the man is keeping you (and me) down.

Secondly, it has become a place where I have posted some photography, so feel free to check some of that out as well. And lastly, This site will be used as part of a a few different projects for my masters degree. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns during your stay: (

about me...

A little about me, let’s see...Well, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, then moved to Los Angeles for college and about halfway through that I moved out to Boston. After falling in love with New England (go Pats/Sox!), I made my way back to SoCal and got two degrees from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, CA (a BA in English-Writing & an MS in College Counseling and Student Development). Then I moved up to Oregon and woked as a Hall Director at the University of Portland in Oregon. From there, I moved down to Mt. Shasta, California. Man, I love this place. Mountains, sun, snow, and family. What more could a man ask for?

Besides all that, I love writing, backpacking, photography, homebrewing, music (recording, composing and listening), playing/watching sports, and exploring new lands.

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Life on the Road

It’s been a long 7 days since I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona. Seven. Days. Wow. It feels like a month ago when I walked off that plane and into this forgotten, barren land. (The subtext of this post is me not loving Phoenix.) We arrived here last Wednesday — by we I am of course […]

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“If you didn’t know by now, I’m talking bout Chi-town.”

Ahhh…The Windy City. The Second City. The Queen of the West. Chi-City. City of the Bulls, the Bears and the Hawks. The Garden City. Yeah. That’s a lotta nicknames. And it’s a lotta city too. Just got back from a week in Chitown, and well, it was a loooong week to say the least. First […]

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The Placement Exchange

Hanging out in Chicago all this week (Wednesday-Wednesday), first at a job interview thingy called The Placement Exchange. Kinda like speed dating, but for jobs..and much more competitive…and more tears. Anyway, it’s been goin great and I even got a few second interviews so far. Life’s grand on all accounts. Sunday marks the beginning of […]

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