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about the site...

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you enjoy your stay and are able to find your way around without any problems.

I created this site as a project, but it turned into a different few things. First off, it is a blog; simply a place where I can write some of my scattered, random thoughts, and occasionally rant a little bit, about how the man is keeping you (and me) down.

Secondly, it has become a place where I have posted some photography, so feel free to check some of that out as well. And lastly, This site will be used as part of a a few different projects for my masters degree. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns during your stay: (

about me...

A little about me, let’s see...Well, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, then moved to Los Angeles for college and about halfway through that I moved out to Boston. After falling in love with New England (go Pats/Sox!), I made my way back to SoCal and got two degrees from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles, CA (a BA in English-Writing & an MS in College Counseling and Student Development). Then I moved up to Oregon and woked as a Hall Director at the University of Portland in Oregon. From there, I moved down to Mt. Shasta, California. Man, I love this place. Mountains, sun, snow, and family. What more could a man ask for?

Besides all that, I love writing, backpacking, photography, homebrewing, music (recording, composing and listening), playing/watching sports, and exploring new lands.

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Last Name “Ever”, First name “Greatest Albums”…PART 2

I’m sure all of you remember the first half of my highly acclaimed “Greatest Albums of All Time.” It was a time in which quoting Drake was still new and neat. It was a time in which jobs security wasn’t even on the horizon and a time in which a capstone project loomed like dark […]

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Don’t Tell And We Won’t Ask

It’s a powerful thing when a friend tells you of the profound impact you’ve had on his life. Not that this is a common occurrence in my life by any means, but this did happen to me recently. It was a soft, genuine moment between friends. It was toward the end of the conversation and […]

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“Kill Your Television”

While the old phrase (above) sure is catchy, and well, I suppose most of us probably wish we had the will power to throw out our TVs and spend all our new-found free time running, working out, hanging out with friends, or writing (another) book, it’s safe to say that most of us watch a […]

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Last Name “Ever”, First name “Greatest Albums”…PART 1

But really, this is a list of my favorite albums of all time. Okay, so it’s a misleading title, so sue me. It’s not simply that they’re just sappy, nostalgic albums to me–in fact, they’re all musically great–but each does have special meaning to me personally. I love music, and each of these albums has […]

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Avatar: Gorgeous, Heart-Warming, & Cheese-filled

We all knew it’d be colossal.We all knew it’d be gorgeous. And I think most of us knew it’d at least be entertaining. What we didn’t know was just how good it might actually be. I walked into Avatar (in 3D! Think Captain Eo meets Return of the Jedi!) yesterday assuming all these things outright, […]

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